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6 Unleashed Reasons Pet Owners 

Are Going Crazy Over BoneItUp

Make Your Own Canine Treats, Save Bucks and Boost Their Wellness!

Because Homemade Happiness is Just a Treat Away!

Look, we get it.

It's a busy world. Rushing to the pet store, scanning through the same old chewy treats - wondering if you can pronounce half the ingredients.

They're costly, they're monotonous, and let's be honest, you can’t really trust them.

What if you could dodge this misery (with your DOGE), have some fun, and bestow health on your pooch - all while saving cash?

Here's why BoneItUp’s Homemade Dog Treats Kit is a game changer:

Pennies 💰 saved are treats earned

Buying treats over and over can drain your wallet lose weight faster than a crash diet. With BoneItUp, not only do you get 10 bang-up recipes, but you'll be making more treats than a dog could wag its tail at!

Don't just 🦴 treat them, bond with them

Here's a secret. The road to a dog's heart is not only through its belly but also through shared moments. Imagine the excitement in those puppy eyes as you both concoct delightful treats together!

Your 🐶 pet's health, your peace of mind

It's no fun playing guessing games with ingredients. With BoneItUp, you know exactly what goes in those treats, ideal for fur friends with allergies or picky eaters. How's that for transparency?

Beat the monotony with a ton of 🧑‍🍳 recipes

With BoneItUp, it's like the Masterchef season never ends! 10 delicious recipes to begin with and new ones are added every week. Say goodbye to repetition and hello to variety.

Fit for every 🐕 dietary need

Gluten-free? Low fat? High protein? BoneItUp's got you covered. Our recipes cater to a multitude of dietary requirements. Your pet's health needs are unique, so should be their treats.

The 💞 joy of 'Petsimonials'

Ever wondered if your pooch could type? You'd see a flurry of 5-star reviews! "The treats are drool-worthy, the bonding is heartwarming, and my human seems happier too!" - would be the general consensus.

Superpowers of BoneItUp: More Than Just a Treat Kit

Unbox the Ultimate Canine Delight!

Rated 4.8/5 Based on 649 Reviews

Ten enticing recipes to start off your dog treat journey

Total transparency - know exactly what goes into each treat. Perfect for pups with special dietary needs

FDA-approved silicone molds and cookie cutters suitable for oven and freezer use

Complimentary lifetime access to BoneItUp® Premium Subscription

Enjoy new premium recipes added every week and more!


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