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BoneItUp® Dog Treats Baking Mix

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10oz (283g)

Calming Blend
Calming Blend
Calming Blend
Three packages of dog treats baking mix with different flavors.

3 Blends Bundle

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🌻 The Calming Blend is made with premium nutraceuticals to relax and calm your dog. It includes the following ingredients:

🍌 Banana Powder: Rich in B vitamins to help control anxiety.

🍯 Bee's Honey: Good source of minerals and energy, with anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

🦴 Calcium Carbonate: Essential for your dog's diet and overall health.

🌾 Flaxseed Flour: Provides omegas, especially omega-3.

🌿 Melissa Officinalis Extract: Strong calming effect, reduces stress and anxiety.

🌼 Organic Chamomile Powder: Contains apigenin to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

🥭 Passion Fruit Powder: Rich in bioactive compounds, acts as a natural calming agent with anti-inflammatory properties.

🌱 Valerian Root Extract: Contains acids and sesquiterpenes for calming and sedative effects, reduces stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

🌾 Whole Oats Flour: Contains B vitamins and magnesium for relaxation.

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