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Why Boneitup

BoneItUp® Homemade Dog Treats Kit

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Your dogs LOVES when you cook for them. Serve them the best ice cream and cookie treats at home. It's super EASY!

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BPA Free Silicones

Prepare in mins

Vet approved recipes

No Harmful additives

How To Master

the Art of Homemade Dog 🐕 Treats

Choose a recipe

Select one of the 10 amazing recipes provided (or 1 of the 100’s with your FREE subscription!)

Gather ingredients

Use readily available ingredients from your own kitchen.

Mix and shape

Follow the recipe instructions to create the treats.

Bake or freeze

Use the FDA-approved silicone molds and cookie cutters to shape and prepare the treats in the oven or freezer.

Complete Set to be a Masterchef!

4 x Molds In Various Shapes & Sizes (Bones & Paws)

10 x VET-Approved Recipe Cards

3 x Bone-Shaped Cookie Cutters

The Book: The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Dog Treats

BoneItUp® PREMIUM Subscription: FREE for life, 100's of recipes and more!

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Recipe Cards Categories


Low Calories


Reduce Anxiety

Ice Cream

Here’s How BoneItUp Homemade Treats Outshine the Alternatives

Ingredient Safety

Bonding Experience




BoneItUp HomemadeTreats


Fun Shared Experience

Hundreds Of Recipes


Low Carbon Footprint

Natural Store Treats

Depends On Quality

No Bonding

Limited Flavors