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Who Knew DIY Pup Treats
Could Be This Simple?

As Easy As A Belly Rub, But They’ll
Love It Even More.

Choose A Recipe

Select from 10 delicious recipes (or
enjoy 100’s more with your FREE

Round Up Your Ingredients

Start gathering what you need. A bunch of it is already in your kitchen.

Mix And Shape

Simply follow the recipe, one step at a
time, and you'll be done in a jiffy.

Bake Or Freeze

Use our FDA-approved molds and
cutters for perfect treat

5 Reasons Why Every Dog Owner
Use BoneItUp

Your pup deserves the absolute best, and we're dedicated to make sure they get it.

Every Penny Saved Is A
Treat Earned

Your local pet store might miss your daily treat runs, but your wallet certainly won't.

By switching to BoneItUp and creating your own treats, you'll not only save big, but you'll also whip up enough goodies to keep your dog's joy flowing nonstop.

Cook Up Memories That
Last a Lifetime

While dogs are enthusiastic treat eaters no matter where they come from, there's something special about making them yourself. The joy, those heart-melting puppy eyes, and the happy dances they do around you are simply priceless.

No More Ingredient Guesswork

Say goodbye to ingredient mysteries. We're all about transparency, which is perfect for furry pals with allergies or discerning tastes. With Bone It Up, you'll know every single ingredient that goes into those treats, giving you complete peace of mind.

Endless Culinary

Welcome a world of snack diversity, where your toughest task is deciding which recipe to try first. Whether you or your pup got tired of the same old treats, that's no issue here. Get started with 10 mouthwatering recipes and discover new ones every week!

Tailored to Every
Dietary Need

Your dog's well-being is unique, and so should their treats be. Gluten-free? Low-fat? High-protein? BoneItUp's got it all. Our recipes cater to a range of dietary needs, ensuring your furry friend gets treats as special as they are.

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Treats That Prioritize Both Taste And Safety.

Our commitment to your dog's
health is unwavering.

FDA's Approved

Bake or freeze with confidence! Our molds and cookie cutters silicone is approved by the FDA and BPA-free.


Our recipes aren't just dog-approved, they're vet-approved too. We craft them with the utmost care for your pet’s health.

Ready In Minutes

No more pet store trips or waiting for online orders. Now, you can whip up homemade treats in no time.

No Additives, No Nasties

We're all about pure goodness. Our recipes are free from harmful additives, filled with only wholesome ingredients.

Find Out What Makes BoneItUp Treats
The Unbeatable Choice For Your Furry Friend

Affordability, Safety & Convenience —
We Ace Them All!

  Natural Store Treats Supermarket Treats
Ingredient Safety Depends On Quality Vet-Approved Cheap, Unknown Ingredients
Bonding Experience No Bonding Fun Shared Experience No Bonding
Variety Limited Flavors Hundreds Of Recipes Several Flavor Options
Price Expensive Affordable Affordable
Sustainability Medium Carbon Footprint Low Carbon Footprint High Carbon Footprint

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Happy Dogs, Happy Customers

Real stories of wiggling tails caused
by our treats

“Love these treats and how the company continues to send delicious recipes for future treats for my fur baby.”

Brooke S.

Verified Buyer

“Although it was sticky to work with, they came out great and Missy loved them!”

Cynthia S.

Verified Buyer

“This was so much fun to share with my niece. The recipes were easy with healthy ingredients. The silicone trays popped out the treats easily and cleaned up quick! The dogs LOVE them!!”

Julie A.

Verified Buyer

“Our first treats were the frozen yogurt and blueberries for our new puppy. She loved them. we added a banana to sweeten it up a bit. We actually enjoyed the treats as well”

Julie A.

Verified Buyer

“Love these treats and how the company continues to send delicious recipes for future treats for my fur baby.”

Brooke S.

Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? We’ve
got you covered!

Are the ingredients in the Homemade Dog Treats Kit safe for dogs?

Yes, BoneItUp includes healthy and vet-approved ingredients and recipes, ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry friend.

Can I customize the treats based on my dog's preferences and dietary needs?

Absolutely! The BoneItUp Kit includes a book with everything you need to know to personalize the treats according to your dog's preferences and dietary requirements.

Is the Homemade Dog Treats Kit suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, the recipes are quite easy, even if you don't have cooking experience.

Can the Homemade Dog Treats Kit help strengthen the bond between me and my dog?

Absolutely! Making treats together can be a fun and rewarding experience. It offers an opportunity for shared activity, allowing you to bond with your dog while creating special memories.

How does the Homemade Dog Treats Kit compare to store-bought treats?

The Homemade Dog Treats Kit offers advantages such as ingredient control, avoiding harmful additives, and being a cost-effective solution compared to store-bought treats.

What is BoneItUp® Exclusive Bites?

✅ 100's of Exclusive Vet Approved Treat Recipes (weekly to your email)

📖 New Books and Guides Every Month

🩺 Ask Our Vet Nutrition Experts As many questions as you like

🍬 Exclusive Gummy Recipes (for dogs with dental problems)

🤧 Exclusive Allergy Guide and Recipes (Balancing Omega 3 & 6)

🥩 BARF Diet for dogs (Coming soon...)

👴 Senior Dog Treats and Guide - Joint Care (Coming soon...)

Join our community for videos, articles, and more!

❤️ Extend your dog's life with healthy nutrition

Does the Kit include food or ingredients?

No, our kit doesn't include any food for the moment. But you can make the treats with ingredients you already have around your home.

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Get Your BoneItUp®
Homemade Dog
Treats Kit!

Your dogs deserve the full measure of
your affection, and what better way to
express it than by baking them delightful
homemade treats?

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